Look at all the sheeple!

This is a deviation from my regularly scheduled content. It had to be written.


noun. People who call other people sheeple, primarily on social media, because they would never have the courage to say it someones face.

Honestly, anytime I have seen a post where someone uses the phrase “sheeple” it’s been surrounded by utter garbage. These days it’s some diatribe about why they shouldn’t wear masks. I’m all for people having a different viewpoint and actively debating those viewpoints. However, the way these post are written, the lack any humility or logical thought.

They espouse views that include, masks increase Co2 and/or increase your own germs that can lead to dangerous conditions. My guess is that they saw some meme or Facebook post or listened to some talk show personality who had this belief. If they used their “human” brains for more than a few minutes, they could easily have realized these views are completely unfounded. How do doctors, nurses and surgeons, where mask daily and not have a ‘toxic’ level of Co2 build up. You don’t even need peer reviewed studies to disprove this sheeple-esque statement.

This said I don’t want to discourage people with differing view points from posting on social media or debating amongst friends. I don’t like the cancel culture we live in today. While you should think twice before using “sheeple” as an epitaph because it makes you look stupid if you espouse a clearly idiotic idea and it doesn’t start with the correct amount of humility when questioning a well established view point.

Try words like: I’m worried about toxic amounts of Co2 build up from wearing a mask. Is this true? I am open to debate on the subject.

You might find that people can provide you well reasoned arguments for why that shouldn’t be a concern, instead of discount you as a moron for having so much hubris and zero intelligence.

Changing your mind is the sign of an intelligent and courageous human being

“When facts change, I change my mind,” John Maynard Keynes

I might disagree with Keynes on lots of things, but he is right about this! I’ll admit when the pandemic initially hit I was a doubter. I though we were completely over-reacting, I though wearing masks were a bad idea, and I was wrong. There I said it, the two words that every American dare not speak. What’s wrong with with being wrong?

What we should strive for is having “strong a opinions, weakly held”. We should be able to change our opinions as the facts or our understand of the facts change. We should invite criticism. If your beliefs and opinions can’t deal with criticism’s you should reconsider if those beliefs are true.

The pandemic, clearly exploded, far beyond what I initially anticipated. I would have been an idiot to stick to my guns after looking at the global number of cases. Masks I though were a bad idea because they wouldn’t protect your from getting the virus, but I had the facts and intentions wrong, mask protect others from your spreading germs. Once I understood that my belief changed.

I’m proud that I was willing to have an opinion that was not mainstream and was willing to change it as facts changed or as I understood those facts better.

In Conclusion

  1. Don’t call people sheeple just because they believe a mainstream opinion and you don’t. It shows your hubris and can make you look ignorant.
  2. Be proud of changing your mind as the facts change. Those who do are worthy of trust and admiration.
Written on July 22, 2020