Daily Dose of 2050 Exercises

I just recently finished up my workout. Virtually since we live in the day and age of covid! Luckily I acquired some weights before they were completely ransacked.

A few things I expect to only progress: quantified self, and virtualization of training.

Quantified Self Its pretty clear that wearables like watches that can track activities and heart rates will only become cheaper and more widely available.

However I think the technology inside these will also improve drastically. Being able to recognize various physical activities:

  • Standing up
  • Exercise moves
  • Eating


As those better our ability to track and make improvements to our routines will drastically improve. While also likely creating more, sometimes bad, self awareness.

Additionally this will be treasure trove of data for research. How does the length or quantity of times you eat affect obesity. How do certain levels of activity affect blood glucose.

We will need to figure out how to collect and use this type of data with privacy and ethics in mind but it could be a major benefit to our understanding of health an the effect of our habits on it.

Virtualization Today its very common to have an online trainer. I imagine this will only increase as creating videos, 3d renderings and teleconference improve it will affect training. Why have a trainer sit and watch me for 1 hour when I could upload 3d renderings of all my lifts and take 10 minutes to watch and give me feedback.

If I’m even more bullish, and I am, I imagine we can likely machine learn what are good movement patterns, and people can get in the moment feedback from a computer. Lifters talk about “bar speed” well a computer could give down to the mili-second bar speed.

I imagine that this technology will be starting to take off by 2050 if by then it hasn’t already. The ease and affordability of machine learning will pour into all aspects of life.

Written on July 19, 2020