Daily Dose of 2050 Road Trips

Off to a slow start, missed a few days, but don’t let that get in the way of making progress.

I just got back from a fairly long road trip. It got me thinking about how that might change in 2050. A few immediate things come to mind, connectivity, electrification, and autonomous driving.

It’s pretty clear that wireless technology is improving rapidly. Today connectivity is better than ever. However, with 5G I imagine having tethered internet will feel pretty antiquated in 2050. For road trips I imagine being able to stream content on individual devices on any major roadway will be a likely outcome.

In addition, autonomous vehicles will have likely made great strides. If I am optimistic, I imagine that most cars will be drivel’s by then, making road trips significantly safer and less arduous. Couple with connectivity I imagine it will feel much more like red-eye flight, than a traditional road trip.

Finally, electrification from improved battery technologies or wireless transmission of electricity will play a large role in the death of the combustion engine, like the steam engine, or the manual engines before it.

The final two will have large effect on the design of “cars”. Passengers no longer need as many windows or to face the front of a vehicle. I imagine windshields will shrink, as will most other glass, making the car more energy efficient.

The configuration of the vehicle will likely become more spacious since engine sizes can shrink. Assuming battery’s also continue to shrink in size. The focus will be more on entertainment or riding comfort since car manufactures can no longer compete on improved driving capabilities. They will need to focus more on the passenger experience.

Written on July 12, 2020