Announcing Daily Dose of 2050

On my most recent vacation I was swimming in a lake I have been visiting for the better part of 10 years. This year I was told they are laying fibre internet. This amazed me. When I first visited, the only place you could get internet was the local fire station. It got me to ponder what the lake would be like thirty years from now in 2050. Will boats become electrified or hydrogen since its by product is water. Will seadoo’s be connected to the internet? Will there be small autonomously driven boats that can take you water skiing? The last one really excited me!

All this to say I really enjoyed this excercise. I’ve decided to take a little time each morning to muse on what 2050 might look like. This is an experiment in imagineering. Maybe one day, thirty years from now, I can asses what of my predictions were correct and which were outlandish. I assume the majority will be the latter category.

Written on July 8, 2020