Daily Dose of 2050

I just listened to a revisionist history podcast 44 The Powerball Revolution. I have always been a bit skeptical of democracy being the most effective form of self-government. I found the concept of lotteries as a way to determine political office pretty refreshing. Why not make predictions about what governments could look like. This post will be my wildest dreams, not what I think is feasible.

1. Remove veto power from the president and put each new law up to a referendum.

I don’t think this could have been accomplished pre-internet and mobile phones. However, the idea here is that what better way to check the government by giving the people the ability to veto any legislation they don’t like. It also reduces presidential power which I think is a good thing.

2. Make the president an official elected by congress that can also be removed by congress

Why I like this is that there is more oversight of the president, it’s much easier to remove them from office. I think having to wait four years to remove someone with that much power and authority is a bit nutty. When the founders created the president they had very limited powers and they needed to involve congress in most decisions. Today that is not the case and it scares the crap out of me. Executive orders are far to dictatorial for my liking.

3. Lotteries to generated candidates or actual officials.

One way to remove money from campaign financing, stop campaigning. I don’t like career politicians and the acrobatics with the truth that politicians need to do to get into office. Congress should a lottery system. Each state does a lottery to select candidates, then maybe there is a little bit of voting at the end, or maybe not. If you want representative democracy then you should ‘select a representative sample’.

If we change to a parliamentary system, then the president has to be selected from this batch of lottery winners. This way you don’t have rich billionaires, or ultra corrupt politicians who can get the money to run a campaign always become president.

Hearkening back to #1 we should add checks on those who win the political lottery. You can referendum them out off office whenever or when their terms expires. I think we should single term limits. Once you have done your service move on. Politicians shouldn’t retain power too long.

4. Senate should be replaced by follow up term by congressional officials who are voted amongst their peers

Each state congressional representatives, get to select the top two of them from the previous term to serve as Senators for one single second term. This keeps continuity, and allows people who ended up being great political officials one more term. They can also be referendum-ed out of office before their term expires.

Goals of this system:

  1. Make it very easy to loose power or reject new laws
  2. Get rid of campaigning and career politicians
  3. Make congress far more representative
  4. Give more people civic opportunities, not just certain types of people
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