Daily Dose of 2050 Vehicles

Continuing on from yesterday, in 2050 I expect that human driven vehicles are largely on decline if not mostly eradicated. Many children today may never learn how to drive. The first wave of autonomous vehicles will be luxury goods, but pretty quickly businesses will see the opportunity of offering low cost cab services and bring it to the masses.

This will have a major effect on vehicle ownership and design. Today vehicles are a status symbol, but as they become a commodity that you hire on an as need basis, they will become more functional.

For example, planes don’t compete on the outside appearance, they compete on the luxuries within. More leg room, reclining seats, and better food service. Companies will compete more like this. Vehicles with plush seats, massager, snacks, etc.

Personal vehicles, will likely also decline. More and more you will have shared vehicles where you only rent one seat in a vehicle. This will further reduce the cost of transportation for most daily commuters. Bring the cost of owning a personal vehicle under further scrutiny.

Overall, I expect a major shift in vehicle ownership to have at least started. It’s possible I am one generation off in this prediction. However by 2050 I imagine the seeds of what I am describing will have taken root.

Written on July 13, 2020