Daily Dose of 2050 Aviation

Unmanned flight is certainly going to play a huge role in the future of aviation. To think about aviation there are three major categories:

  1. Micro aircraft: no human passengers
  2. Smallaircraftt: less than 5 passengers
  3. Large aircraft: greater than 5 passengers

Today I will focus on Micro aircraft commonly called drones.

For themicroo aircraft section, this is where all the innovation will happen in the next 30 years. It has the lowest risk of human damage, and has the mostunderservedd demand.

Micro aircraft will play a large role in manufacturing and warehouses. A quick way to move items around a large open space.

Micro aircraft will play a role in personal security. Imagine the personal security camera that will follow would be robbers or attackers and stream that to the cloud.

Miaircraftarft will play a role monitoring large groups of people. For example, it could monitor playing children, find children who are trying to escape, or monitor a festival, looking for crimes or people trying to break in.

Missing persons and Search and rescue will heavutilizeized micro aircraft. No longer would “ground searches” be necessary. A small fleet of micro aircraft installed wiinfaredred cameras could cover the same ground as hundreds of humans.

Micro aircraft will also be useful in large spread operations that are difficult to manually inspect. Example could include, energy production (oil fields, windmills, etc.), farming, amusementment parks. A small fleet of these aircraft could cover ground quicklyequippeduiped with the right machine leato identifyentify early signs of issueswithout with out any human intervention.

Written on July 16, 2020